23 June 2024
Adding a Total row to the bottom of the table. Shimon Brathwaite / IDG What if you want to show totals for the other columns in the table — or show something other than sums in the final row? Based on...
23 June 2024
To reduce e-waste and expand its sustainability program, Seagate has now opened an official storefront on eBay to sell its re-certified hard drives. The storage drive manufacturer receives used hard drives...
23 June 2024
Fields of application for 3D reconstructions include autonomous driving and monument conservation. Credit: Technical University Munich In recent years, neural methods have become widespread in camera-based...
23 June 2024
From the editors of Computerworld, this enterprise buyer’s guide helps IT staff understand what the various business PC hardware and sourcing options are for their organizations and how to choose the right...
22 June 2024
Using its automated binary analysis system Eclypsium Automata, Eclypsium has uncovered the existence of high-impact security vulnerabilities in Phoenix SecureCore UEFI firmware used by a wide variety of...
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