We provide the following FAQ to provide further transparency and to help you better understand how we use and process your personal data through our site and frequent questions users might have. Please note this FAQ applies to the practices of USTechReport. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us. Email: support@ustechreport.com

What is this website all about?

We are dedicated to give the best news out there that provides newsletter W-links with individual signature world use of technology with also newly an overview of tech and worldwide news.

Do you only provide tech news?

No we also approve and provide a significant search news events with a combination of tech news.

Is your news website safe?

Yes! We can assure you the best content created with no false generators engines. Searches are always conducted to remove anything that isn’t allowed.

What information do you collect about me when I use your website?

By visiting our website, you agree to the collection of:
Email address whenever using comment sections or the use of affiliate links.
Details about your interests and preferences
Information about your online behavior (which of our pages you visit, etc.)’

Is your privacy safe?

Yes! We don’t store any important personal information when browsing. We are prohibited to store any information from our users. We can assure you that every user is safe but we don’t have any control when using W-links to direct you to new content sites.

I’m having trouble accessing page links what should I do?

If you are clicking on a link such as a report, resource or event, and you’re experiencing trouble accessing the page, you should contact us immediately for assistance and we will help you through the process.
/ https://www.ustechreport.com/contact-us/

How does your website work?

We scour the web for the best news stories in topics readers tell us they enjoy. We share them with you from our well-organized collection so you can find what you’re looking for quickly. Our clear, concise headlines also help you find what you need. If you spy a story that piques your interest, you can click on the hyperlink to visit the site and learn more. We continually strive to provide only quality links to useful and ethical websites.

How does USTech-Report differ from other news operations?

USTech-Report extracts the best stories from legitimate and credible news sources then brings them together in an appealing format to create a comprehensive website that seeks to inform. This way you can become educated and develop your own opinions. We don’t write the stories ourselves, but present you with an assortment of options to learn more about topics that interest you.

Who uses USTech-Report?

Our specially curated mix of information and entertainment from around the world appeals to men and women as well as young and old alike. We strive to present a wide variety of stories so there is something for everyone to enjoy. Some topics include: Health, current events, sports, U.S. politics and photography, but we specialize in technology-related subjects.

What are some of your most popular topics?

USTech-Report was created out of a passion for all things related to technology. We wanted to keep our readers up to date and informed about the latest in the world of computer systems and gaming. So, it makes sense that our most clicks are generated from stories in categories like mobile devices, emerging technology, android and iOS systems, cellular data, photography and HTML/CSS. Many of our readers have a deep passion for tech topics and so do we!

Why should I patronize USTech-Report?

We’re glad you asked! Our readers come from a variety of backgrounds across the United States and around the world, but mostly they count on us for reliable information about their favorite topic – technology. Plus, we love technology as much as you do!

If you don’t charge users, how does the website operate?

We have partnerships will various companies who advertise on our websites. We carefully curate the content of these ads so it directly relates to and complements areas users have told us they are interested in. These partner ads are located on the right-hand portion of the screen under “Web Offers.” We also host a couple of fundraising opportunities on our website.

What types of topics do you cover?

Think of us as a newspaper. Newspapers have front page news, sports, entertainment, lifestyle, weather and local news – there’s something for everyone! However, instead of these categories, we share stores about electronics, technology, gadgets, computers, gaming, mobile, U.S. politics and photography. Again, same concept with something everyone will enjoy reading. Our website is intentionally organized so it is easy to find what you need quickly. Our news is always fresh and updated throughout the day.

What is USTech-Report’s business philosophy?

USTech-Report believes that people have all types of interests. It is our responsibility to keep you informed so you can make your own judgements and form your own opinions. Our stories help you stay up-to-date on the latest news while you lead your best life!

How much do you charge for your services?

Our users do not pay anything. Our service is available free of charge for all interested online users.

*Important Note: USTechReport is prohibited to store any information from its users. USTechReport does not gather users personal information but do collect (Email) analytics from new users for best experience. USTechReport believes on every aspect based on the constitution that everyone is given the right of privacy. We can assure you USTechReport is safe and secure. For any more questions please contact us. https://www.ustechreport.com/contact-us/