20 June 2024
Chronicle Wire is a powerful open-source serialization library for high-performance data exchange in various binary and text formats, including YAML. Strings in your data structures can have significant...
20 June 2024
Imagine coding with a safety net that catches errors before they happen. That’s the power of TDD. In this article, we’ll dive into how it can revolutionize your development workflow. In Test...
19 June 2024
GraphQL is a query language that allows clients to request exactly the data they need and nothing more. This approach is more efficient than REST. This is because its structure allows for flexible data-fetching...
18 June 2024
Valkey is an open-source alternative to Redis. It’s a community-driven, Linux Foundation project created to keep the project available for use and distribution under the open-source Berkeley Software...
18 June 2024
Reason In modern distributed systems, efficient real-time data discovery and integration are common tasks. We often encounter approaches involving multiple queues or services that collect data into a database,...
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